Hey!! Welcome to the backstage area.
I hope you can see the player on your device.

A note about these demos…
They are my actual private songwriting
recordings so please do not download or share them.
I do talk to myself on some of them and make notes of chords,
tunings and how I play them. That is obviously for my benefit.

I will also mention that I mumble lyrics to get a feel for melodies.
Most of these songs don’t have much in the way of words yet but you
will get to see them develop! It’s just my process. In fact most of these
demos are the first time I’ve heard the music too. Seriously.

One last note.
I just noticed that I drop an F-Bomb in the song Lemonade as a lyric marker.
If you are at work or around little kids right now.. you’ve been alerted!

I hope you find this stuff interesting.

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